Industry Involvement

Below is an alphabetical list of the industries which comprise our clientelle:

    Antique And Furniture Dealers
    Automotive Dealerships, Sales & Service
    Automobile and Tractor Trailer Repair Services
    Barristers & Solicitors
    Book Publishers and Specialty Book Sellers
    Burglary And Fire Alarms Installers
    Cabinetry Design And Manufacture
    Commercial Printing And Binding, Commercial Mailing Services
    Computer Hardware & Software Sales, Computer Consultants
    Computer Software Specialty "Houses"
    Commercial And Retail Sign Design And Manufacture
    Construction Project Management And Consultation
    Data Processing (large scale) and Laser Printing
    Excavation And Construction
    Glass And Window "Supply Houses"
    Graphic Artists And Designers
    Hair Dressing Salons
    Hardware Wholesale And Retail
    Holding And Investment Corporations
    Hospitality And Tourism Consultants
    Letter Shops/Custom Mailing Houses
    Leading-Edge Automotive Engine Research
    Long Distance Trucking And Hauling
    Lumber Retail And Wholesale
    Manufacture of Wheelbarrows And Related Products
    Meditteranean Foods Manufacture, Wholesaling and Retailing
    Medical Practitioners And Specialists
    Merchant Banking/Economic Advisory Metal Fabrication And Formimg
    Metal Fastener Fabrication & Supply
    Musical Instrument Importation And Sales
    Non-Profit Associations, Clubs, Churches And Organizations
    Pharmaceutical Distribution
    Pizza Restaurants & Take-Outs
    Plastic Fabrication And Sales
    Plumbing And Electrical Wholesalers And Retailers
    Property & Real Estate Development
    Real Estate Salespeople & Brokerage Houses
    Real Estate Property Rentals And Management
    Resort, Hotel And Restaurant Operations
    Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Retailing
    Surveying Services
    Specialty Equipment Manufacturing
    Textile Sales
    Video Tape Sales, Rentals And Supply
    Window Sales And Installation