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1083 Britannia Road East, Mississauga, OntarioCanada, L4W 3X1
Tel: (905) 670-8890
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    (A) Generalist, rather than specialist attitudes prevail in this practice.

    The generalist can often notice a wider variety of problems and determine the solutions to those problems whereas the specialist may have too narrow a focus to determine the requirements of a particular client. As well, a specialist may not always notice where other specialists or generalists might better serve a client.
    (B) A good tax knowledge is required to respond to a client's personal and corporate needs.

    As generalists, we believe we possess knowledge in a broad range of tax areas. We can assess our clients' needs, including recommending an unbiased specialist, quickly when problems arise.



Kathleen Ormsby, CPA

Kathleen began working in the accounting industry in 1998. She received her CPA designation in 2015, she holds a degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia, in 1996.

Christopher Ormsby, B.Acc.,CPA, C.A.

Christopher began his apprenticeship training in January of 1997. He received his bachelor of Accounting from Brock University, in St. Catherines Ontario in June of 2000. While enrolled at Brock Christopher was part of the Co-Op program which enabled him to gain practical experience while in school.

When his apprenticeship was completed, Christopher wrote and passed the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Uniform Final Exam (UFE), receiving his Chartered Accountant designation in April of 2001.